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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Accelerating Performance

High performing leaders looking to take their game to the next level, new-to-role leaders needing support to successfully integrate into their new role, or emerging leaders making the transition from doer to doing through others – leadership coaching facilitates professional development and growth, helping leaders to achieve greater success.

Cree Leadership Consulting offers a structured coaching approach that is grounded in three key principles:

  • Effective coaching starts with insight. Every coaching engagement begins with an assessment to identify strengths and gaps. This is combined with a solid understanding of the business context in which the leader works to identify developmental priorities and coaching goals that meet both personal and organizational objectives.
  • Organizational support is crucial to success. The organizational sponsor (typically the superior) is involved in the coaching process. This ensures the coaching engagement meets the organization’s objectives and doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Additionally, involving the sponsor in the setting and reviewing of goals ensures the leader receives the support and commitment they need to be successful.
  • What gets measured gets done. Creating a strong coaching plan paves the way for success. The plan outlines the developmental priorities, outcome measures, and action steps that will be the focus of the coaching engagement. At the end of the coaching engagement, progress is measured against the coaching plan.
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Leadership & Executive Assessment

Enabling Better Decisions

Selection, succession planning, identifying high potentials, or focused development - psychometric assessment helps organizations make informed decisions about their leadership talent and avoid costly mistakes.

Cree Leadership Consulting offers a range of assessments to meet your needs:

  • Comprehensive psychometric assessment. A multi-method evaluation customized to assess against your leadership competencies. Typically includes cognitive ability testing, personality testing, a biographical interview, and possibly simulations. Results in a customized report highlighting strengths, limitations, and risks, as well as developmental recommendations.
  • 360-degree feedback. A method to provide leaders with insight into how their performance is viewed by their superior, peers, and direct reports to identify strengths to leverage and gaps to close. Can be conducted using an online tool with normative data, a custom designed online survey, or qualitative interviews. Can be stand alone or form part of the comprehensive psychometric assessment.
  • Behavioural styles inventory. A self-report tool to help raise awareness about default styles of thinking, accomplishing tasks, and relating to others. Useful at the start of coaching engagements, leadership development programs, or for team effectiveness sessions.
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Leadership Development

Developing Leadership Capacity

Cree Leadership Consulting customizes leadership development programs to meet organizational needs. Whether composed of foundational leadership topics (e.g., giving feedback, difficult conversations, delegating) or an in-depth on one topic (e.g., coaching skills for managers), all programs include the following components:

  • Mini-modules. The reality is that no matter how great the content, people can only retain so much at once. For this reason, programs are designed in a modular format with 2-3 hour sessions every 3-4 weeks focusing on one, bite-sized topic.
  • Theory-bursts. Each session contains a short, theory-burst on the topic, but the majority of the session is built on practice and facilitated discussion. The focus is on application of leadership skills.
  • Peer coaching. To maximize immediate application of the content outside of the program, self-directed peer coaching groups are established at the outset. Meeting once between each session with a structured agenda based on the content of the proceeding session, participants develop their peer coaching skills, hold each other accountable, and build a greater sense of community.[

Other Services:

  • Team effectiveness sessions
  • Keynote events
  • Leadership forums
  • Developmental planning
  • Succession planning
  • Group coaching
  • Peer coaching

From Our Clients

Photo of Heather Claridge

Heather Claridge

Vice President, Human Resources - Omicron Canada Inc.

"I engaged Cree Leadership Consulting to conduct assessments and coaching sessions with key succession candidates and to design and deliver a two-tier leadership development program for experienced and emerging leaders. I would not hesitate to work with Cree Leadership Consulting again."

Rebecca Schalm

Rebecca Schalm

Former Chief Human Resources Officer - Finning International

"I brought Tara in to help me build my team soon after I took on my new role. She helped us gain deep insights into ourselves and each other, which established the foundation for our individual development as well as our effectiveness as a team. I really felt she was a partner to me and my team."

Dave Klaum

Dave Klaum

SVP Commercial Business Operations - ALTANA Inc. USA

Working on my leadership skills with Tara gave me insight to my strengths as well as allowing me the opportunity to evaluate situations from an objective perspective. Our coaching sessions were always very well organized and provided consistency on areas that we both agreed were important."

Rebecca Schalm

Andrew Clark

President - BI Worldwide

"Working with Tara allowed me to quickly and clearly identify strengths and weaknesses as a leader and team member, and how to maximize my potential. This heightened sense of self awareness was a very important step for me.”

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